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Visio 2007 Training Courses


Microsoft Visio 2007 allows you to create flow diagrams, organisational charts, network diagrams, scaled drawings...well the list goes on. This course introduces you to the main functions in the application as well as giving you training in some of the main templates and shapes that you are likely to find useful.

To accompany the instructor lead training, each delegate will receive manuals and practise, step-by-step exercises. This will provide an excellent source of information and on-going self study once the training has been completed.

The course outline listed is only a suggestion and can be altered to reflect your business needs. You could for example request a half day course on Visio and fill the rest of the day with a PowerPoint course.

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Course Outline
What's New in Visio 2007
  • AutoConnect - this new feature automatically connects, evenly distributes, and accurately aligns shapes
  • New data integration features to link Visio with Excel, Access and other commonly used data sources
  • The new Data Graphics task pane
  • PivotDiagrams

Visio Shapes
  • Working with stencils
  • Adding a shape to a drawing
  • Selecting a shape or multiple shapes
  • Moving shapes
  • Copying shapes
  • Resizing shapes
  • Deleting a shape
  • Adjusting shapes using control handles
  • Adjusting shapes using control points
  • Adjusting shapes using vertices
  • Rotating shapes
  • Eccentricity points on Arcs
  • Connection Points
  • Searching for shapes
  • Visio Extras
  • Colour schemes
Working with Shapes
  • Adding text to a shape
  • Adding freestanding text
  • Editing text
  • Copying text
  • Moving a text box
  • Text block
  • Resizing a text box
  • Aligning text
  • Format text
  • Adjusting text block Margins
  • Creating tabs in a text block
  • Bulleted points
  • Numbered points
  • Paragraph formatting - indentation, line spacing, paragraph spacing
  • Text formatting
  • Change background colour
  • Using the Format Painter
  • Rotating Shapes
Connecting Shapes
  • Connection Points
  • Glue Types
  • Changing a connection point
  • Connectors that cross paths
  • Creating different connection types
Measurement and Placement Tools
  • Dynamic Grid
  • Drawing Scale
  • Snapping objects
  • Ruler subdivisions
  • Alignment and distribution
  • Size and position window
Creating and Customising Shapes
  • Union
  • Combine
  • Fragment
  • Intersect
  • Subtract
Visio Pages
  • Adding/deleting/moving pages
  • Background pages
Visio Layers
  • Add a Layer
  • Remove a Layer
  • Rename a Layer
  • Hiding a Layer
  • Assigning Shapes to Layers
  • Determining which layer a shape is assigned to
  • Locking a Layer
  • Colouring Layers
  • Selecting Layers to Print

  • The Document Stencil
  • Creating a Custom Stencil
  • Add custom shapes to a stencil
  • Naming Master Shapes on a Stencil
  • Deleting Master Shapes
Visio Templates
  • Visio templates
  • Creating your own templates
  • Adding stencils to templates
  • Creating styles for templates
Shape Properties
  • Adding Custom Properties
  • Editing Custom Properties
  • Editing Custom Properties for a shape on a custom stencil
  • Custom Reports
  • Update a Report
  • Print Preview
  • Headers and Footers
  • Print Gridlines
  • Printing Part of a Drawing
  • Adjusting Print Scale
  • Setting shapes not to print
  • Centering the drawing before Printing
Using Visio with other Office Programs
  • Inserting Charts
  • Creating an Organisational Chart from a List in Excel
  • Linking
  • Embedding
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